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We didn’t invent the best knife sharpener.
We invented the best way to keep your knife sharp.

Quality Materials

Japanese Damascus VG10 Steel comes to life in our distinctive feather pattern. Known for its ability to stay sharp and resist corrosion, this advanced blade steel is the perfect material for your everyday cooking needs.

Thoughtful Design

Balanced for performance and shaped for comfort, these sturdy knives will make light work of tough ingredients. Our handle materials were chosen for both their beauty and durability, with a full tang and G10 handle that are impervious to corrosion and liquid absorption.

Cutting Edge

Our Sharpening Subscription sets us apart from other premium knife brands. This service ensures that you always have sharp knives, right where they belong: In your knife block.

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The F.N. Sharp Difference

Knives don’t stay sharp forever and they don’t sharpen themselves either. It takes years of experience, a lot of skill and, of course, the right angle. But with F.N. Sharp, the only thing you have to worry about is what’s for dinner.



Use your knives to prep and create great meals



You receive an identical set of sharp knives



Return dull knives with pre-paid packaging

We send you F.N. Sharp knives first, you send us F.N. dull knives second. To do it any other way is pointless.

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World Class Design and Service

The knives that you have always wanted are here! Superior craftsmanship and quality materials yield knives that will be the highlight of your entrée-making arsenal. Our service keeps them sharp and perfectly maintained, ensuring that you never miss a veggie-chopping moment.

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