Sharpness You'll Swear By

Sharp knives are arguably the most important tool in your kitchen.

F.N. Sharp has taken 67 layers of Japanese Damascus Stainless Steel
and set out to make the best set of kitchen knives for your home. The result is a beautiful set of kitchen knives with a perfectly sharp cutting edge, ergonomically designed handle, and durable finishes that can handle any busy meal prep routine.

F.N. Sharp Acacia Knife Block

Included with each knife set is an incredibly versatile knife block. We swear, this knife block will hold your knives and all your favorite kitchen tools with ease and style.

Isn’t it time you upgrade to a higher class of cutlery?

"Made from Japanese Damascus steel with glass-based resin handles — whose heft, balance and sharpness I’ve come to quickly rely upon while cooking — this is serious equipment."

The New York Times Style Magazine T List Newsletter

"If you’re looking to upgrade your knife collection, they’re a smart solution to your kitchen woes."

My Recipes

"Cutlery brand F.N. Sharp makes its blades with high-quality Japanese steel."

Reader’s Digest

"With 67 layers of folded metal, the blades retain an edge longer than conventional alloy structures and add the benefit of the classic variegated surface."