Never a Dull Moment
6 Knife Set

F.N. Sharp is not just another kitchen knife company. It’s a reimagined cutlery experience.

Each F.N. Sharp blade is masterfully crafted from 67 layers of premium Japanese VG-10 steel to reveal a beautifully unique feathered Damascus pattern and an exceptionally sharp edge.

Isn’t it time you upgrade to a higher class of cutlery?

"Made from Japanese Damascus steel with glass-based resin handles — whose heft, balance and sharpness I’ve come to quickly rely upon while cooking — this is serious equipment."

The New York Times Style Magazine T List Newsletter

"If you’re looking to upgrade your knife collection, they’re a smart solution to your kitchen woes."

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"Cutlery brand F.N. Sharp makes its blades with high-quality Japanese steel."

Reader’s Digest

"With 67 layers of folded metal, the blades retain an edge longer than conventional alloy structures and add the benefit of the classic variegated surface."