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Get the F.N. joy of owning a professional-grade knife set without the hassle of keeping them F.N. Sharp.

Peerless Craftsmanship

67 layers of Japanese Damascus VG-10 steel hammered into our stunning feather pattern.

Modern Style

F.N. Sharp blends the best knifemaking traditions from around the world to forge modern superknives.

Signature WEB Feel

Our weighted, effortless, and balanced (WEB) glide encourages and reinforces proper form.

A new, better way to own a knife

Any modern chef who’s worth a damn knows there’s nothing more valuable than a good, sharp knife. And yet in so many of our kitchens—in so many lives—dullness rears its ugly head.

We’re waging a war on dullness, making it easy to own a professional-grade set of knives without the hassle of maintaining them. No dull knives. No dull food. No dull moments. That’s F.N. Sharp.

How it Works



Slice, dice, and julienne to your heart’s (and belly’s) content.



Receive a fresh set of F.N. Sharp knives at whatever interval you select.



Send in your dull knives using the prepaid packaging.

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Join the War on Dullness

Whether you’re working to perfect your ratatouille niçoise or about to slice into a dry aged porterhouse, we’ll make sure you’ve always got a sharp knife at the ready.

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