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Join Our Mission to Change the Home Kitchen

We’re F.N. Sharp – a new premium kitchen knife brand on the cutting edge in the world of home cooking. In a time of engineered obsolescence, we wanted to create a brand that ran counter to our disposable culture. Our mission has never been to just sell kitchen knives – it has always been to create timeless products and forge long-lasting relationships. With that mission in mind, we believe we’ve created knives that are as beautiful as they are functional, and we pair them with a maintenance program that ensures they’ll last forever. The sale is never the endpoint in our eyes – we take being part of our customers’ kitchens seriously and want to be at their tables for years to come. We don’t just make knives. We make memories.

If you own or operate a site in the food blogging world or review site space, we invite you to be part of our journey into the future of memory lane. View our Terms and Conditions. Click the link below to join our program.