Bourbon and Coffee Prime Rib Recipe

A Prime Rib Recipe for That Prime Feast

A Prime Rib Recipe for That Prime Feast

Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler

Chef Anne Burrell’s famous catchphrase is “brown food is good food.” And we wouldn’t dispute her on that in the slightest. However, we love to top our deliciously roasted brown food with herbs and spices. And this prime rib roast is the epitome of delicious brown food. It’s coated in a mixture of coffee, brown sugar, and bourbon for the perfect crust.

Oh, my.

Oh, yes.

It’s savory with a wee dram of sweetness and a kick of heat. And believe it or not – it’s simple as pie to put together (maybe even easier).

Just make sure you set an alarm. We’re going to be roasting this bad boy on pretty high heat, so you want to be on tippity-top of the time.

Now that the hard part is over, (setting the alarm), let’s talk about the joys of a three-pound roast.

It will comfortably feed four people. It cooks quickly for a weeknight celebratory meal. And it looks stunning on the table.

Let’s all cheer for small roasts! And get those sharp and hopefully straight-edged steak knives ready because this roast deserves to be cleanly sliced rather than ripped apart.

If you’ve never attempted a prime rib recipe before, then be sure to check out our tips for how to cook the perfect prime rib – and how to carve it!

Now round up those ingredients, grab that F.N. Sharp Chef Knife or a scalloped edge bread knife, get that cutting board ready for carving and those steak knives ready for serving and let's slice into this perfectly cooked prime rib!

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F.N. Sharp Chef's Knife slicing into cooked prime rib

Bourbon and Coffee Prime Rib Recipe



¼ cup bourbon. ¼ cup ground dark roast coffee


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