Double-Spiced Heirloom Tomato Salsa Recipe

Double Your Appetite With This Double-Spiced Salsa

Double Your Appetite With This Double-Spiced Salsa

Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler

When it comes to gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, they are loaded with flavors and sweetness – and juice. So, they require a sharp knife (and a delicate hand).

We’ve got the first part covered. The second is up to you.

Also – as a coincidence of Mother Nature – when heirloom tomatoes are in season in the north, we also get amazing hot peppers, cucumbers, and corn. The farmers market is a veritable riot of color with reds, greens, yellows – not to mention sweetness and spice.

Which makes us think of salsa.

This is the perfect farmers market salsa because you can grab everything in the early afternoon and get it prepped and in the fridge while you’re getting ready for a seasonal potluck party. It’s the perfect dish to take to the lake with friends for a couple of beers.

Salsa. Beer. Friends. Skipping rocks.

Is there anything better?

This salsa is loaded with citrus flavor, along with two types of heat from both fresh jalapenos and pickled jalapeno brine, which ensures the spice is in every bite.

Oh, yeah.

Now round up your ingredients, grab that F.N. Sharp Chef Knife or Santoku knife and large cutting board and let’s salsa!

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F.N. Sharp Chef's Knife with ingredients for homemade salsa

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