Elk Standing Rib Roast Recipe

Elk Standing Rib Roast

Elk Standing Rib Roast

Elk Standing Rib Roast

Don't let the name of this recipe fool you - it’s just as easy to cook elk as it is to cook beef, and the added elegance and uniqueness of a standing elk rib roast is sure to wow dinner guests.

Gracing the menus of some of the best fine dining restaurants in the Rockies, elk can offer a uniquely wild dining experience that is just as perfect for a holiday dinner as it is for an average Tuesday.

Elk is incredibly lean meat and is loaded with healthy minerals like iron and phosphorus, giving it a dark coloring. Top off your elk with a rich Madeira sauce for a meal you’ll be rushing to make again and again!

For more on cooking with elk and other game meat, check out our guide to meat cuts. Now round up your ingredients, grab that cutting board, an F.N. Sharp chef knife and a boning knife, if needed, and let's get cooking!