Irish Omelette Breakfast Recipe

Go “Full Irish” With This Breakfast Omelet Recipe

Go “Full Irish” With This Breakfast Omelet Recipe

Kick off your day like a true Irishman! With a bit of prep, you’ll be able to throw together all of the staples found in a traditional “Full Irish Breakfast” into one delicious omelet.

While a true Irish Breakfast would often be overflowing off your plate, the F.N. Sharp version of this breakfast dish makes for a hearty way to start your day, giving you the fuel to tackle whatever life throws your way!

Don’t be scared off by the inclusion of Black Pudding, this deliciously spicy pork sausage is a great way to add a bit of traditional Irish flavor to your breakfast.

Now round up your ingredients and get that F.N. Sharp chef knife, Santoku knife or utility knife and that cutting board ready for some slicing!

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The "Full Irish" Breakfast Omelet Recipe