Greek Rice Pudding Recipe

Treat Yourself to a Little Something Sweet With This Classic Greek Dessert

Treat Yourself to a Little Something Sweet With This Classic Greek Dessert

Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler

Creamy rice pudding that’s been combined with a hint of lemon is truly decadent. And when it’s topped with gorgeous pistachios, that just makes everything even better.

So, much better.

With a touch of cinnamon, vanilla, and lemon, this recipe adds a Greek spin to rice pudding, which is known as rizogalo in Greece and is named for the two main ingredients: rice (rizi) and milk (gala).

Get ready to savor this perfectly sweet rice pudding and envision yourself on one of the amazing islands of Greece – here are some breathtaking images of the best places to visit, if that helps – enjoying one of their many fun food festivals (there's even one for pistachios). Just imagine the sea breeze blowing through your air, basking in the rays of the sun, and nibbling on little nutty bundles of color.

This Greek-inspired rice pudding recipe encourages that daydream. How fun is that?

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Now gather up your ingredients, grab a paring knife for some peeling and a chef's knife and small cutting board for some chopping and get ready to experience the amazing flavors of Greece!

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Ingredients for Greek Rice Pudding Recipe

Greek Rice Pudding Recipe, AKA Rizogalo




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