Instant Pot Pulled Pork Recipe

Pulled Pork Made Easier (And Faster) in the Instant Pot

Pulled Pork Made Easier (And Faster) in the Instant Pot

Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler

You’ve done it. We’ve done it. Everyone has done it. We’ve all looked forward to a meal, then reached into the fridge for our favorite protein and – bam! We realize it’s still in the freezer because we forgot to put it in the fridge to thaw overnight.

A frozen hunk of meat can be a formidable opponent – especially when you want it to be slowly braised and turned into luscious and flavorful pulled pork. That’s where one of our favorite appliances comes in – just give the pork a good coating of spices and get it in the Instant Pot!

Boom. One hour later you have delicious, fall apart pork.

Then add a little bit more love to the pot and in about 15 minutes you have the meal of your dreams. All in one hour and fifteen minutes. With a frozen protein.

That’s what we call a fantastic weeknight meal. What’s even better is there’s a little bit of beer involved – which means your pork will not only be tastier, but you'll get to enjoy drinking the rest of it while cooking because pouring it out would be wasteful. And nobody likes being wasteful. 

Now round up your ingredients, grab that Instant Pot, an F.N. Sharp chef knife and a cutting board for some light slicing and dicing and let’s get cooking!

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F.N. Sharp Chef's Knife with ingredients for pulled pork and slaw recipe

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*If you’re on top of your protein game and have thawed meat – or are running to the grocery store like Forrest Gump in his magic shoes – the cooking time is actually the same. However, you get a little bit of a bonus! You can cut the pork into 4 pieces, and rub the spice mixture all over them. Then, turn the “sauté” button on, and sear the pork in a tablespoon of olive oil to get even more (if it’s possible!) flavor into the pork. Once the meat has a good sear, follow the rest of the recipe instructions.

And if tonight’s dinner calls for chicken, then check out this easy Instant Pot recipe for Arroz con Pollo, as in seriously delicious spicy chicken and rice!

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Recipe writer and photographer Launie Kettler of TeenyTinyKitchen

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