Chef Jeff's MasterChef-Worthy Steak & Hash Recipe

MasterChef-Worthy Steak & Hash

MasterChef-Worthy Steak & Hash

When we say "MasterChef-worthy", we mean it!

This recipe comes from MasterChef Season 8 contestant Jeff Philbin, which actually earned him his spot on the show!

We teamed up with Jeff to watch him recreate his star dish so we could enjoy a delicious gourmet meal – without reservations.

Just think, juicy ribeye steak rubbed in a chili-espresso seasoning and topped with a perfectly spiced sweet potato hash all topped off with charred tomatillo and poblano salsa verde...

Mouth watering yet? Good, grab a small cutting board, grab that F.N. Sharp Chef Knife for some veggie prepping and those F.N. Sharp Steak Knives for serving and let's get to cooking!

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MasterChef Steak & Hash with Chili-Espresso Ribeye