Baked Mac and Cheese Cups Recipe With F.N. Sharp Utility Knife

Baked Veggie-Filled Mac and Cheese Cups? Say Yes, Please!

Baked Veggie-Filled Mac and Cheese Cups? Say Yes, Please!

Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler

While these delicious, cheesy, and spicy mac and cheese cups came together, a funny line popped into my head from the show Midsomer Murders.

“We are what we eat, but no one takes that to its logical conclusion. For instance, did you know that spinach is a very depressing vegetable, while fennel is uplifting?”

Well, if spinach is “depressing,” and fennel is “uplifting,” how would you describe jalapenos?

I’d call them cheeky and vibrant!

And how would you describe beautiful cherry tomatoes?

I’d call them sweet and lovely!

And finally, how would you describe scallions?

I’d say they’re fresh and spunky!

But when all of those vegetables with all of those varying characteristics are enveloped in a spicy and rich cheese sauce – well, folks – that’s when some serious magic happens!

And when they’re baked in individual tins and get all crunchy and lip-smackingly delightful, well, again, that’s some serious magic.

So, why don’t you make your night a little more enchanting by whipping up a batch of these bad boys? You’ll love them – and yourself.

Now round up your ingredients, grab that F.N. Sharp utility knife, get that cutting board ready and let’s make some veggie-filled mac ‘n’ cheese cups!

Baked Mac and Cheese Cups Recipe Ingredients With F.N. Sharp Utility Knife

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Veggie-Filled Mac ‘n’ Cheese Cups With Crispy Jalapeno Panko Topping

Baked Mac and Cheese Cups Recipe With F.N. Sharp Utility Knife

Yields 12.

Special Equipment: F.N. Sharp Utility Knife and Muffin cup pan with liners

Mac and Cheese Cups Ingredients:

Mac and Cheese Cups Instructions:

Crispy Jalapeno Panko Ingredients:

Crispy Jalapeno Panko Instructions:

Mac and Cheese Cups Assembly and Baking Instructions:

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