Chocolate Marble Banana Bread Recipe

Add a Little Chocolate Swirl to Your Banana Bread With This Recipe

Add a Little Chocolate Swirl to Your Banana Bread With This Recipe

Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler

If we were the types of folks who wax poetic about quick breads, we’d write a little ode to this swirly, twirly, baked good. 

“Oh, how do we love you, let us count the ways! 

You’re chocolatey, and banana-ey, and make everything bright, 

When we’re snacking on you still lightly warm out of the oven, in the world, everything is right!” 

Yes. This bread makes poets of us all. 

We love it with a schmear of really good butter, or even with a titch of cream cheese in between two slices as the world’s best banana chocolate tea sandwich. 

And don’t even get us started on how fantastic it is toasted, or – and stay with us here – as a base for French toast slathered in maple syrup. 

You can see it in your mind’s eye can’t you? 

All of the possibilities, all of the amazing possibilities that this bread offers. 

Now, without further ado, let’s jump in the kitchen and start whipping up this delectable bread. 

Because, you owe it to yourself to make this bread. 

You really do. 

So go ahead and get that cutting board ready and grab the F.N. Sharp utility knife or chef’s knife for some walnut chopping and that bread knife for slicing this seriously delicious banana bread 😋

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Chocolate Marble Banana Bread Recipe

Recipe for Chocolate Marble Banana Bread

Serves: 8-10



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Recipe writer and photographer Launie Kettler of TeenyTinyKitchen

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