Easy Taco-Style, Oven-Baked Mexican Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Stuff Your Face With These Taco-Style Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuff Your Face With These Taco-Style Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers

Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler

Everyone loves one pot dinners. But, in a sense, isn’t a stuffed pepper the original “one pot meal?” I mean, sure, it takes 3 pans to create the final outcome, but the food is cooked in a sweet little edible crock, so it really should fall under that descriptor. 

Or maybe it’s just me. 

Because I’m absolutely smitten with stuffed peppers. 

So, maybe I attribute attributes to them that they don’t really possess. 

Either way, let’s talk about the joy of peppers loaded with savory rice, spicy meat, onions and black beans, with a kiss of jalapeno. 

Oh, and did we mention there’s both homemade and store bought chunky salsa? Let’s play with those different textures, yo! 

The three pot thing aside, this recipe is really just a breeze to pull together. The hardest thing is sautéing the meat and chopping the veggies. 

And, since we’re a knife company, we consider chopping a few vegetables to be a complete joy. 

So, grab an F.N. Sharp chef’s knife, santoku or utility knife and get that cutting board ready to create your newest favorite Mexican stuffed peppers! You’re going to love them.

Halved bell peppers with F.N. Sharp Utility Knife

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Easy Taco-Style Mexican Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Serves 3

Easy Taco-Style, Oven-Baked Mexican Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Rice Ingredients:

Rice Instructions:

Homemade Salsa Ingredients:

Homemade Salsa Instructions:

Stuffed Pepper Filling Ingredients:

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Stuffed Pepper Filling Instructions:

*Note: If there’s any filling leftover, freeze it for a super-fast weeknight meal of stuffed peppers, tacos, burritos and bowls! Just defrost it in the microwave.

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