Recipe for Greek Lemon Pomegranate Pasta Salad

Add a Tangy Twist to Your Pasta Salad With This Greek-Inspired Recipe

Add a Tangy Twist to Your Pasta Salad With This Greek-Inspired Recipe

Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler

When it comes to Greek salad, we always think of colors, colors, colors! Sunny lemon wedges, bright cucumbers, sweet fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, spicy onion and grassy oregano are all front and center in our minds’ eye.

But, sometimes it’s fun to gild the lily.

So, instead of just garnishing with lemon wedges, we grilled those bad boys to give off an extraordinary amount of juice.

And we didn’t let the tart side of the food spectrum down, either! Instead, we added pomegranates for a little pucker power and sweetness.

Now that we’ve talked about the sweet, the tart and the savory, let’s get to one of our favorite “s-words.”

Salty cheeses!

We didn’t just add feta to this salad, oh, no.

We added parmesan to the vinaigrette for a double dose of umami deliciousness.

Let’s cut to the chase, you’re going to love this salad.

And you’re going to be very popular when you bring it – well – anywhere. The dining room, the living room, to a barbecue, to a picnic at the lake, this salad is like a little black dress – it goes with everything. 

As an added bonus, you can turn this Greek pasta salad into a full meal by adding some grilled chicken 😋

Now round up your ingredients, grab that F.N. Sharp utility knife, get that cutting board ready and let’s make some pasta salad with a twist!

Closeup of grilled lemon with ingredients for Greek pasta salad

Greek Pasta Salad with Pomegranates and Grilled Lemon

Serves 6

Greek Lemon Pomegranate Pasta Salad Recipe


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