Irish Guinness Beef Stew Recipe

Get Warm and Cozy With a Big Bowl of This Irish Beef Stew Made With Guinness

Get Warm and Cozy With a Big Bowl of This Irish Beef Stew Made With Guinness

Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler

Top o’ the morning to you! Let’s introduce one of our absolute favorite Saint Patrick’s Day meals – Irish Guinness beef stew! It’s comfy, homey, delectable, and is the physical embodiment of sitting under a warm blanket with your feet toasty warm from the roaring flames and embers from the fireplace. 

Now, that’s a pretty tall order, but this stew totally pulls it off! 

It’s loaded with succulent fall apart beef, sweet carrots, earthy celery, creamy baby potatoes, and – joy of joys – dark and hearty beer. 

What more could you want on a chilly March evening?

Bonus: The recipe doesn’t quite call for a full bottle of Guinness, so you can have a little nip while stirring this aromatic one pot meal. 

Winner, winner, beef and beer dinner! 

Now round up your ingredients, grab your F.N. Sharp Utility Knife and get that cutting board ready for some veggie prep!

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F.N. Sharp Utility Knife with sliced veggies

Irish Beef and Guinness Stew Recipe

Serves 8.



To Store: Let cool completely and ladle stew into a large resealable container. Refrigerate for 3-4 days.

About the Recipe Creator

Recipe writer and photographer Launie Kettler of TeenyTinyKitchen

Launie Kettler is a food writer and photographer who cooks big food in a small kitchen in northern Vermont. Her husband and cats are tolerant of the fact that she plays the same Wilco and Son Volt albums over and over while pontificating about the beauty of cumin. 

Launie is also the co-author of The Everything Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook and her recipes have been featured in Where Women Cook, Fresh Magazine, and on Salon.

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