Pork Tostadas & Spicy Broccoli Apple Slaw Recipe

Sink Your Teeth Into These Pork Tostadas With Spicy Broccoli Apple Slaw

Sink Your Teeth Into These Pork Tostadas With Spicy Broccoli Apple Slaw

Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler

Tostadas are the cool cousin to the taco shell. Tostadas just let it all hang out. What you see is what you get. There aren’t secrets hidden in the fold, and they’re brazen with their ingredients. 

“Feel free to gawk at my amazingly delicious and beautiful toppings,” the tostada murmurs as it sits languidly on the plate. 

“I’ve got deliciously spiced meat and I’ve got slaw with a kick of heat. Go on. Take a bite. You know you want to get some of my tastiness.” 

Bonus: They’re as perfect for a hurried weeknight meal as they are for a backyard cookout.

Now, that’s a versatile taco shell!

And our tostadas have pork cooked up in beer and spices you likely have at an arm’s length away from the stove. Then, just to proverbially gild the lily, we top them off with a fresh and limy slaw that has a kick of heat from hot smoked paprika. 

So, get that cutting board ready, reach for your F.N. Sharp chef’s knife, Sanoku or utility knife, grab those forks (or those copious amounts of napkins) and let’s dig in! 

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Pork Tostadas & Spicy Broccoli Apple Slaw Recipe

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