Sweet & Spicy Apple Salsa Recipe

Get Those Taste Buds Dancing With This Sweet & Spicy Apple Salsa Recipe

Get Those Taste Buds Dancing With This Sweet & Spicy Apple Salsa Recipe

Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler

You don’t need to know what everyone is talking about, but you’re probably kind of curious what everyone is talking about. 

When you’re walking down the street and you see people with their heads huddled together, they’re probably extolling the deliciousness of apple salsa. 

When you see two people intently staring into each other’s eyes on the dance floor, you know what they’re thinking. 

“When we get home, we’re going to have some sweet and spicy apple salsa!” 

(Or if they’re not, they should be. You know, because it’s delicious.)

It’s a little sweet from the apples and agave, it’s got a kick of heat from the jalapeno and radishes, and it’s crazy refreshing because of the English cucumber. The layers of flavor just keep rollin’ on, until before you know it the bowl is gone. 

We love this on crunchy tortilla chips (especially the blue ones), but we also really dig this on some spicy Aleppo and oregano rubbed chicken. But, let your imagination (and the protein you have in your fridge), be your guide. 

Would this be amazing on pork chops? Heck to the yes! 

Would this rock on a pork tenderloin? Oh, we think you know the answer to that query. And if that pork tenderloin happened to be slathered in blackening spices? Well, that would make it that much better. (And we have a recipe for that, too!)

This apple salsa doesn’t just bring its own soupçon of heat to the party – it plays well with other spices too. 

So, grab your favorite F.N. Sharp knife and pull out that cutting board. You’ve got your newest favorite fall salsa to devour! 

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Sweet & Spicy Apple Salsa Recipe

Sweet & Spicy Apple Salsa With Chicken

Yield: Approximately 2 ½ cups



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