Steamed Artichokes and Dip Recipe

Steamed Artichokes with Sweet and Tangy Agave Mustard Dip

Steamed Artichokes with Sweet and Tangy Agave Mustard Dip

Ah the artichoke – what exactly is it? A vegetable, a fruit, or… a flower? That’s exactly what it is!

The artichoke comes from the thistle species and is actually the bud of a flower that has yet to bloom. There are two edible parts to the artichoke: the bracts, often referred to as the petals or leaves, and the heart. With this recipe, we’ll be turning the bracts of the artichoke into a tasty finger appetizer with an equally-tasty dipping sauce. 

Quick tip for eating the bracts: the entire bract is not edible, just the fleshy part at the base. To eat, simply hold the top, or pointy part, of the bract with the outer part facing up, bite down and use your teeth to squeeze out the soft pulp as you drag the bract back out of your mouth. That’s it! Oh, and don’t forget to dip first!

Not sure how to choose and store artichokes? Check out our guide here.

Now round up your ingredients, grab that F.N. Sharp Chef Knife and large cutting board and let's dig in!

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Steamed Artichoke and Dip Recipe