The F.N. Sharp Guide to Different Cuts of Poultry

The F.N. Sharp Guide to Poultry Cuts

While your grocer’s meat case is probably filled with a variety of plastic-wrapped poultry cuts, being able to break down a bird yourself is a useful skill that will greatly increase your options in the kitchen. It will also save you money, since whole, unprocessed poultry are typically less expensive than prepackaged meat. There is […]

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How to Cut Artichokes

How to Prepare and Eat Artichokes

Ah artichokes – many of us go through life not knowing what these things look like when not out of a can (or in a popular appetizer). To remedy this, we’re going to share our best tips for choosing, preparing and storing artichokes so you’ll not only know what they actually look like, but also […]

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chef knife with diced peppers on wooden cutting board

The F.N. Sharp Guide to Cutting Up Those Veggies 

I think we can all agree that cutting vegetables takes the patience of a saint.  I mean, how many times have you stood over your cutting board and mumbled a few choice words that would make your mother blush while you attempted to cut vegetables that seemed to intentionally make your life difficult?   Did you […]

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