Paprika-Spiced Veloute Vermouth Chicken Recipe

Get Cozy With This Creamy Paprika-Spiced Velouté Vermouth Chicken

Get Cozy With This Creamy Paprika-Spiced Velouté Vermouth Chicken

Paprika-Spiced Vermouth Chicken With Velouté Sauce

Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler

♪Velouté, velouté, velouté♪

It just sounds like a song, doesn’t it? So, melodious. So, evocative of a rainy night in Paris.

All that joy, for mere pocket change to pull together. And when this mother sauce is combined with sumac-crusted chicken and a bright boozy sauce – well all is right in the world.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love us some white wine. But, when it comes to pan sauces, more and more we think vermouth is where it’s at.

Somehow it both lightens up and increases the deep undertones of a pan sauce. How amazing is that?

So, get that chicken browning and whip up a batch of creamy sauce to round it out with.

You’ll love yourself for it.

Now round up your ingredients, grab that F.N. Sharp Chef's Knife and cutting board for some chopping and let's dig in!

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Veloute Sauce





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