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Italian Cooking Tools

Cook Like an Italian with These Essential Cooking Tools

You’d need a wok to create your favorite Chinese dishes at home, but what about your favorite Italian dishes? Every ethnic cuisine relies on a few cooking tips and tricks – and Italian cuisine is no different. From gnocchi to ravioli to linguini to the parmesan cheese you grate on top, you’ll be able to […]

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How to hold a knife: the proper knife grip

How to Hold a Knife Like a Chef and Cook Like a Pro

With culinary arts gaining popularity on television and in magazines, many home cooks delve into the hobby of learning how to create restaurant-quality cuisine in their own homes. While it’s easy to obtain ingredients and acquire a high-end set of kitchen knives, learning how to slice and dice like the pros starts with learning how […]

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Uniquely Irish Foods

7 Uniquely Irish Foods You Need to Try

When you think of Irish foods, images of heaping piles of corned beef and cabbage often come to mind. After that, most people are left wondering “What else do they eat in Ireland?” Thanks to its proximity to England, there is a fairly significant British influence to Irish cuisine, but ask any Irishman, and they’ll […]

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