Top Uses for a Paring Knife

5 Big Uses for the Itty Bitty Paring Knife

Just like an artist uses different brushes to create beautiful works of art, a chef uses different knives to create culinary masterpieces. From the chef’s knife to the boning knife, different knives have different jobs in the kitchen, making them all essential tools to have on hand – and the paring knife is one of […]

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Top Uses for a Boning Knife

Top Uses for a Boning Knife in the Kitchen

Kitchen knife sets often come with a few different types of knives, from the hefty chef’s knife that serves as the workhorse in the kitchen to the little paring knife that serves as the perfect tool for delicate work. One knife that isn’t always included in a set but probably should be is the boning […]

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Utility Knife Uses

Top Uses for a Utility Knife in the Kitchen

Just like a craftsman has a utility belt, a cook should have a utility knife. Smaller than a chef knife but bigger than a paring knife, this mid-sized tool is the kind of knife that any professional or home cook can feel confident using. Included in most kitchen knife sets, the utility knife is often […]

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