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Our Story

  Cooking is an art, and our knives are a masterpiece in their own right. They are as beautiful and unique as the meals you create with them.

We are passionate about food, cooking, and making products that enhance these experiences. Especially knives – very sharp knives! Like all zealous epicures, we love to create rare fare which requires preparation from scratch, a process that inevitably dulls the delicate edges of all cutlery. Sharpening our collection of expensive kitchen knives was a tedious chore that constantly haunted our to-do list. Knowing our torment wasn’t unique, we set off to discover a solution, only to find there wasn’t a solution to be found. So, necessity being the mother of all invention, we set about becoming cutlers.

After countless design revisions, material analysis, and durability tests, we developed a set of beautifully crafted VG10 Damascus steel kitchen knives that we’re thrilled to share with home cooks across the country. Elegant, sharp, and extremely tough, they have been designed to resist the strongest food acids, hard water, and even accidental bouts in the dishwasher! Pair that with our unique Right Angle Sharpening Service, and you can spend time honing your craft instead of your knives.

As we like to say; Kitchen, uninterrupted.