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Martha Stewart

Online article - “Here's What to Look for When Shopping for Steak Knives”

“If you want a high-quality steak, this set may be the right one for you. They're made with VG-10 blade material (one of the hardest grades of stainless steel) and a G10 steel handle (one of the most popular and strongest materials used for making knife handles), both of which can both withstand the bottom of a wet sink and the dishwasher without corrosion or fading.”

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Food & Wine

Online article - “15 Great Steak Knife Sets to Gift and to Get This Season”

“These are one of the most durable and beautiful sets of steak knives you can buy. Made from Japanese Damascus VG-10 steel, the blades come with three complimentary cycles of sharpening, providing you a fresh set of knives while the originals are sent to restore their edge.”

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The New York Times Style Magazine T List

Print article - “Knives That Come With Free Sharpenings — and Replacements to Tide You Over.”

The write up shares F.N. Sharp knife sets “come with three free mail-in sharpenings with affordable refreshes thereafter, saving you from having to find a neighborhood sharpener or even doing it yourself.” The piece goes on to share more about the process noting “your kitchen will never lack knives.” Kurt also mentions that the knives are made from Damascus steel and praises the heft, balance and sharpness.

Food Network

Online article - “15 Great Gifts for the Serious Home Cook"

“Know someone who's getting serious about their knife skills? This knife set from newcomer FN Sharp is a great gift. The company provides free sharpening for all of their knives, so there will never be a dull moment for the chef in your life.”

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Good Housekeeping Magazine

Print article

“This company lets you swap worn knives for sharpened ones”, “automatically sends you an identical ready-to-use set about every four months – just return your dull ones in the prepaid package.”

Oprah Magazine

Online article - “The Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals Of 2019”

Reader's Digest Magazine

Online article - “12 Must-Have Products to Fix Any Thanksgiving Emergency”

The brand is highlighted as a great product to combat a dull carving knife. The write up mentions that F.N. Sharp “makes its blades with high-quality Japanese steel, but best of all, they will ship you out an identical set while you send yours in for sharpening, so you’re never without a keen blade.” Read full article ⟶


ABC Detroit, MI’s “ABC7 Action News This Morning” (WXYZ-TV)

“You always need a great knife for mincing, dicing and slicing; it cuts your prep time as well as your time in the kitchen so you can actually get out to your guests.” “...that is a beautiful piece.”

Home World Business

Online article - “F.N. Sharp Launches Cutlery Brand”

F.N. Sharp, a direct-to-consumer knife brand, has launched in the U.S. market. In addition to offering a new selection of knives, the company also offers consumers the Right Angle Sharpening subscription-based service.

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Food Network

Online article - “The Best Pre-Black Friday Sales and Deals We've Seen This Week”

“Through October 31, you can snag 50% off (or more!) on some of FN Sharp's most versatile cutlery sets.”

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Good Housekeeping

Online article - “GH Tested: F.N. Sharp Knife Set”

“Equip yourself with this premium ensemble and you'll never again struggle with a dull knife.” “F.N. Sharp sets you up with 3 free sharpening cycles by sending you an identical ready-to-use set about every four months — just return your dull ones in the prepaid package. Once returned, the dull knives are made ready for their next temporary home by re-entering the last stage of production—which means they're sharpened and polished until they're like brand new.” “...are pretty to look at.”

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Online article - “Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that you absolutely can’t refuse”

“There is no better gift than one that lasts well past the day it is opened! F.N. Sharp is designed to help your loved ones create a lifetime of memorable meals without ever having to worry about the hassle of maintaining that perfectly sharp knife edge.”

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NBC Tampa

NBC Tampa, FL’s “BLOOM on Great38” (WTTA-TV)

F.N. Sharp was highlighted on NBC Tampa, FL’s “BLOOM on Great38” (WTTA-TV) in a segment surrounding tips and tricks when hosting Thanksgiving this year. F.N. Sharp’s 6-piece set along with the knife block and cutting board were showcased as Melissa Santell provides a chopping demonstration for viewers. The anchor was astounded by the sharpness and durability when using the knives while also testing the power of the magnetic knife block. See full coverage

Food Network

Online article - “Black Friday Starts Today — Here are the Best Kitchen Sales to Shop Right Now”

“These knives are some of the very best.”

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Good Housekeeping

Online article - “46 Cooking Gifts for Anyone Who Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen”

“Every four months, F.N. Sharp sends an identical set to replace dull ones – just return used knives in the prepaid package.”

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Sunset Magazine Online

Online article - “Hoist This Mug, Rock Those Clogs, and More Things to See and Do This Week”

Editor in Chief, Matt Bean, introduces the brand by noting, “A sharp knife is the most important part of a home chef’s arsenal, and I’m obsessed with pricey Damascus steel blades that can retail for as much as $1,000. Thanks to a new direct-to-consumer company, they’re finally within reach of my wallet. With 67 layers of folded metal, the blades retain an edge longer than conventional alloy structures and add the benefit of the classic variegated surface.” He further adds “testing revealed elegant balance and heft through a variety of fine and coarse chopping,” and mentions that the sharpening service via mail is the “best of all.”

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The Fashion Spot

Online article - “The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals to Make the Season Bright”

The piece shares details on the sale and includes a direct hyperlink to the F.N. Sharp homepage as well as each individual product page. Read full article ⟶

Good Housekeeping

Online article - “The Best Pre-Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals of 2019”

Listed mention...

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Woman's Health Online

Online article - “The Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals Of 2019”

F.N. Sharp’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion was highlighted on Women’s Health Online in an article titled, “The Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals Of 2019.”

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Wellness360 Magazine

Print article - “The Big Holiday Gift Guide”

The 3-piece knife set is highlighted as the editor notes “For the modern chef, these knives are made from 67 layers of Japanese Damascus VG10 steel to make to top-of-the-line knives.”

Colorado Springs Style Magazine

Print article - Gift Guide for the “Chef/Host With the Most”

“A chef’s knives are extensions of their hands, and every home chef deserves some professional-grade blades. F.N. Sharp knives are crafted from layers of Damascus steel, and the eye-catching feather pattern is modern styling at its best. The sharpening service is an added bonus—an identical set of knives arrives at the door just as the first set starts to lose their edge.”


Online article - “These Knives Come With a Built In Door-to-Door Sharpening Service”

“There's a new knife company that's thought about all this and built it into their business model. F.N. Sharp, a direct-to-consumer knife brand out of Florida, includes a sharpening subscription with every set of knives they sell. What that means is when your knives start to get dull, they'll pre-ship you another set and provide you with packaging to send your old knives back, where they'll be polished, sharpened, and otherwise realigned. The idea is that you'll always have sharp knives without having to worry about where to send them out to get sharpened.”

A direct quote from Matt is included within the feature, along with details on the 3 and 6 piece knife sets, pricing information and a mention of the three free sharpening cycles. Overall, the editor notes, “If you're looking to upgrade your knife collection, and keeping them sharp is a problem, they're a smart solution to your kitchen woes.”

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TOTI Media

Southwest Florida bi-monthly print publications: RSW Living, Times of the Islands, Bonita & Estero, Gulf & Main and Cape Coral Living

“Based in Tarpon Springs, Florida, F.N. Sharp brings a new edge to home cutlery with its striking designs, 67 layers of Japanese VG-10 steel and a hassle-free sharpening subscription model. The design also allows for maximum control while cutting. Knife owners can participate in a sharpening service that preships an identical set when yours get dull.”

duPont Registry

Print article - “dR Gift Guide: More Holiday Box Ideas; F.N. Sharp Home Cutlery”

“a beautiful Acacia wood knife block, in fact, and a set of six knives (Chef, Santoku, Paring, Boning, Bread and Utility) in Damascus steel – plus a sharpening subscription service that pre-ships an identical set of F.N. Sharp knives in exchange for return of your dull knives. How’s that for cutting edge?”

Online article - “Early Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals That You Can Shop Right Now”

Listed mention...

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Alpharetta Lifestyle Magazine

Print article - “Editor’s Gift Picks: Crazy Sharp”

“These 67 layers of high-quality Japanese VG-10 steel made slicing through roast beast effortless.”

Johns Creek Lifestyle Magazine

Print article - “Editor’s Gift Picks: Crazy Sharp”

“These 67 layers of high-quality Japanese VG-10 steel made slicing through roast beast effortless.”