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Utility Knife Uses
What is a Utility Knife Used for in the Kitchen?
Not to be confused with the small, often retractable knife that fits in your pocket and is used for random tasks (like cutting fishing line), the utility kitchen knife is...
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Have Questions? We are here to help. Be sure to take a look at our FAQs and Manage Your Account sections to see common questions and answers. Quick FAQs Find...
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Gifts for Entertainers & Foodies
Unique Gift Ideas for Entertainers and Foodies
 Looking for the best gift for the foodie or entertainer in your life? You could always cop out and give the gift of wine, flowers or chocolate, but this year,...
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Beef Stroganoff Recipe
Snuggle Up with a Stroganoff this Winter
As temperatures drop across the country, home chefs turn to food to provide warmth and comfort for their families and guests during the winter season. Beef stroganoff, which originated in...
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Uniquely Irish Foods
7 Uniquely Irish Foods You Need to Try
When you think of Irish foods, images of heaping piles of corned beef and cabbage often come to mind. After that, most people are left wondering “What else do they...
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Top Uses for a Paring Knife
5 Big Uses for the Itty Bitty Paring Knife
Just like an artist uses different brushes to create beautiful works of art, a chef uses different knives to create culinary masterpieces. From the chef’s knife to the boning knife,...
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Top Uses for a Boning Knife
Top Uses for a Boning Knife in the Kitchen
Kitchen knife sets often come with a few different types of knives, from the hefty chef’s knife that serves as the workhorse in the kitchen, to the little paring knife...
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Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe
Warm Up With Some Deliciously Healthy Chicken Tortilla Soup
Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler When the weather turns cold, the first thing I think of is Mexican food. Although, to be fair, the first thing I think of...
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chef knife with diced peppers on wooden cutting board
From A to Z: The Ultimate Guide to Cutting Vegetables
I think we can all agree that cutting vegetables takes the patience of a saint. I mean, how many times have you stood over your cutting board and mumbled a...
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Rockwell Hardness Scale
How the Rockwell Hardness Scale is Used in Kitchen Cutlery
How do you know if a knife is “tough” or “hard” enough to last? What separates a top-notch cutting tool from a fancy looking blade that will break faster than...
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Instant Pot Turkey Chili
Warm Up on Cool Nights With Instant Pot Turkey Chili
Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler One of the best things about chili is how multi-layered the experience is. One second you’re inhaling the smoky fragrance and the next you’re...
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Top Uses for a Bread Knife
Top Uses for a Bread Knife – Hint: It’s Not Just for Bread
With so many different types to choose from, picking out new kitchen knives can seem like a daunting task – especially if you’ve always used that one hand-me-down knife for...
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About us | The Story Behind F.N. Sharp
  Cooking is an art, and our knives are a masterpiece in their own right. They are as beautiful and unique as the meals you create with them. We are...
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How to Use a Chef's Knife Like a Pro
What a Chef’s Knife is Used for and Why Every Kitchen Needs One
The name ‘chef’s knife’ makes using this essential kitchen tool sound intimidating. Do you need to be a chef to use one properly? Of course not! This is a must-have...
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Top Uses for a Santoku Knife
Top Uses for a Santoku Knife and Why Every Kitchen Should Have One
Chef knives, boning knives, and paring knives, oh my! There are so many different kitchen knives to choose from, and each has its own special skills. So, what about that...
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