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Sharpening Service

Sharpening Service Details | FN Sharp

Not your Average
Knife Sharpening Service

What makes our service so unique? Simply put, never again will you toil with the frustration of figuring out how to keep your kitchen knives sharp.

No more early-morning farmer’s market chores. No searching for local sharpeners with convenient hours. No more research on where to purchase the best knife sharpener. And never again experience the worst of all sharpening hassles; packaging and shipping your knives to a mail-in-sharpening service.

With the purchase of your F.N. Sharp Knives, you have access to the effortless Right Angle Sharpening Service. About every 4 months, you will receive an identical set of F.N. Sharp knives, at your door, just when you need them.

How to Get Sharp and Stay Sharp

Each set of F.N. Sharp Knives, including our steak knives, comes with 3 free sharpening services. This equals approximately one year of convenient knife sharpening, depending on how you set your delivery schedule. Afterwards, the service costs are determined by the number of F.N. Sharp Knives you have.

We believe that every cook's sharpening needs are different, so your first three sharpenings have no expiration date. They are good whenever you would like to use them.

6 knife set knife roll

Select Your Knife Set

Whether you do a wide range of cooking – from breaking down meats to baking treats – or just the basic everyday meal prep, F.N. Sharp has you covered. Our 3-knife set offers the essentials of any kitchen while our 6-knife set has everything the serious cook needs to tackle any recipe.

But don’t worry, your decision doesn’t have to be etched in stone. If you go with the 3-piece set and later decide the 6-piece set fits your needs better, you can upgrade at any time.

6 knife set

Our 6-knife set gives you the tools needed for any ingredient you might encounter.

3 knife set

Our 3-knife set is the bedrock of any great kitchen.

steak knives set

Need steak knives? We’ve got those, too – and they can be added on to any order in sets of 4.

Set Your Delivery Schedule

Our service is designed to be convenient and simple. Your account dashboard allows you to easily adjust your delivery schedule to ensure that the sharpness of your knives keeps pace with your cooking habits. With F.N. Sharp, there is no commitment and you can adjust the frequency or pause it whenever you like.

Every shipment of freshly sharpened F.N. Sharp Knives will include a pre-paid return label and specially designed packaging that provides a simple and safe way to return your dull knives.

Cooking, uninterrupted.