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Steak Knives

What's included:

  • • 4 Steak Knives

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  • • 3 Free Sharpening Cycles
  • • 100 Day Return Policy
  • $500.00

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3 FREE Sharpening Cycles



67 layer Japanese Damascus VG10 for outstanding edge retention, rust prevention, and our breathtaking feather pattern


26° double bevel sharpening angle for a finely tuned cutting edge that balances durability and versatility


HRC 60 +/- 2 for a durable, world-class blade resistant to chips and other deformations


G10 glass-based epoxy resin laminate for exceptional strength and hand feel

Get to Know Your Steak Knife

Steak Knife

Damascus Steel Steak Knives

Impress your dinner guests with our straight-edged and ultra-sharp steak knives. Made from the same Japanese Damascus VG-10 steel as our larger knives, these beauties will make a wonderful addition to your table.

Sold in sets of 4, F.N. Sharp steak knives receive three free sharpening services through our Right Angle Sharpening Service. Never experience the frustration of sawing through your steak or chicken with a dull knife again.

  • Length overall - 9.5” (241mm)
  • Blade length - 5” (127mm)
  • Max spine thickness - 1.8mm
  • Max blade height - 24mm
  • Weight - 3.3oz (93g)

Evergreen Sharpening keeps you F.N. Sharp

Use a knife, and it’s going to get dull. (No kidding, right?) That’s unless your knife is F.N. Sharp. Every set comes with three free cycles of Evergreen Sharpening—our way of making sure you’ve always got a pristine set of knives on hand, no matter what’s on the menu. Here’s how it works:

How it Works



Use your knives. Use the hell out of them. Slice, dice, and julienne to your heart’s (and belly’s) content. If you’re having fun and eating well, then rest easy: you’re doing it right.



Receive a fresh set of F.N. Sharp knives at whatever interval you select. We recommend most home chefs start with four-month intervals. Then again, you may not be just any home chef.



Send in your dull knives using the prepaid packaging. We’ll restore their edge, and we’ll have a fresh set ready and waiting when it’s time to do it all over again.


2 Day express shipping is free. Orders placed before 3:00 PM eastern time are typically shipped the same day. Buying a gift? You can choose the shipping date during checkout.


We think you'll love our knives! But if you aren't satisfied within the first 100 days of slicing and chopping, simply contact us for a refund.