Customer Testimonials | Kitchen Knife Reviews

  Absolutely the best. These knives reduce food preparation time. They are a pleasure to use and they look great.

- Carl

 My F.N. Sharp knives have been great! I choose them every time over my other set. I'll even go so far as to wash an F.N. Sharp knife to use it again rather than picking up the other brand. That's big stuff :) - Hazel
 I really enjoy my FN Sharp knives. I never knew knives could cut so well. Additionally they look beautiful and feel nice in my hand. - Christine
 We absolutely love using them in the kitchen. The weight and balance are perfect. Also having such a sharp knife that maintains it's edge is indispensable. - Aaron
 They are F.N. Awesome I love the way they handle and they keep a great edge. - Mike
 Elegant, indestructible, and sharp! - Chuck
 F.N. Sharp knives are great knives! They are very comfortable in your hand and very sharp. They are my new go to knives! - Leanne
 Exemplary culinary tools. My F.N. Sharp knives have become my cutting instruments of choice. They take and keep an exceptionally sharp edge, making every cutting job easier. Beautifully balanced in the hand and distinctive to look at, too. The more you love working in the kitchen, the more you'll love them. - Tom
 They've held up really well. Still sharp and comfortable to use. - Tina
 Seriously the sharpest knives I have ever seen! I am almost afraid to use them they are so sharp! - Mike
 As much as I cook I should have purchased quality knives long ago but now that I have some I’m sorry I waited! F.N. Sharp is awesome! - Matt
 Welcome to the future of knives! An epic unboxing at the beginning of my experience with these knives set the tone for an effortless transition from my old knife set. I am a steady user of the Chefs knife and the razor sharpness far surpasses what I used previously for meats and vegetable chopping. Love the look, love the name, and thank you for delighting the customer. - Charles
 I have never really been the type to cook with high end cutlery, but this set made me a believer. - Jennifer
 These are the best knives I’ve ever used, and they add an elegant beauty to the kitchen. I always look forward to using these knives. - Steven
 Wonderfully sharp, beautifully balanced, and distinctively attractive knives. They cut with remarkable ease through meats, vegetables, and fruits. Very highly recommended. - Devin
 Just unwrapping the knives from their packaging was a great experience! The knives are so enjoyable to work with because of the ease of slicing and the feel of the heavy, comfortable handle. They reminded us how much we love cooking! - Nancy
 I have used many knives over the years. F N knives are definitely a solid well made product with very nice style and quality. - Robert
 This knife does the job and looks good doing it. - George
 The chef's knife is my new favorite knife by far. The knife set looks great and has stayed sharp through multiple uses. The grips don't slip, even with wet hands. I would recommend these knives. - Erica
 I had no idea how dull my everyday knives had become until I tried F.N. Sharp knives! They are a world apart and they have become my go-to knives. It actually makes cooking easier and fun again, because there's no struggle to cut things, and everything looks better as a result! - Claire
 I was very pleased with the sharpness and the way the knives handled. - Travis
 This is the first set of quality knives I have owned. I am extremely pleased with them. I am keeping them in the individual boxes they came in. - Michelle
 As a full time cook, I use these knives every day at work. I have yet to sharpen them with a whetstone because they keep the edge that well. I do use my steel on them but I don’t have to nearly as often as I had to on my old knives.The weight of the handle makes chopping a breeze. And the balance of the entire knife makes it very comfortable to use. I have yet to have a bad experience with them. Overall I see myself using these knives for a very, very long time. If I had 5 thumbs they would all be up. - Amy
 These knives are beautiful, stylish and well-balanced. Everything you would expect in a high-end kitchen knife. - Chris
 F.N. Sharp knives sliced through vegetables, fruits, and meats with ease. They were much better than expensive knives we have owned in the past. We would highly recommend these knives to the occasional cook or frequent home chef. - Angela
 These would definitely have the wow factor if given as a gift. They appear to be very high quality and are beautiful. So far, hold an edge very well. - Nick
 They are definitely FN sharp! Great knives. - Tara
 These knives come extremely sharp. They cut nicely. Pleasing to look at. - Jamie
 F'N knives are F'n sharp! Comfortable to use. It will be nice to have sharp knives all the time! - Dawn
 These knives have been a great addition to my kitchen tools. They remain sharp, feel great when cutting and are easy to clean. I look forward to additional product releases to add to the collection. - Vicki
 My previous knives were hard to hold. These knives fit well in my hand. Less chance of slipping and getting cut. - Sam